Server Services

Server Services

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Service     Delivery Time
Easy Firmware Credits Any Quantity     1-2hour
HalabTech Credits Any Quantity     1HOUR

Service     Delivery Time
Z3X-Samsung PRO Activation     INSTANT
Z3X LG Tool Activation     INSTANT
Z3X Samsung PRO Activation (sams_upd)     1-15min

Service     Delivery Time
Sigma Pack 1 Activation     INSTANT
Sigma Pack 2 Activation     INSTANT
Sigma Pack 3 Activation     INSTANT
Sigma Pack 4 Activation     1-5min
Sigma Pack 5 Activation     1-10min

Service     Delivery Time
INFERNO Tool Renew 1 Years     INSTANT

Service     Delivery Time
ATF Network Activation     1-12hours
#10 UMT Emmc ISP Tool Activation Without Hardware     1-6hour
ATF JTAG Activation (39) Credits     INSTANT
BB5 Easy Service Tool [BEST] software activation for Infinity-Box/Dongle     1-6HOUR
Boot-Loader v2.0 Activation     1-6hour
Cheetah Tool Pro Activation (LG + Samsung)     1-5min
DT Pro Tool Activation -     1-6hour
EFT Dongle 1 Year Support Activation (Instant)     1-5MIN
EFT Dongle 2 Year Support Activation     INSTANT-30MIN
EME Mobile Tool (EMT) Standard Edition License     INSTANT TO FEW MIN
Falcon Activation For Miracle Key     1-6hour
Furious Gold - 1 Year Upgrade (79 Credit)     1-12hours
GRT-Dongle software activation for Infinity     1-5HOUR
HW-Tool for Huawei EMUI 10 9.1 FRP And Huawei ID Unlock     1-6hour
Infinity Box 1 year Updates Support Renew Chinese Miracle 2 includ     1-5MIN
Infinity Box 2 years Updates Support Renew Chinese Miracle 2 includ     1-2hour
Infinity Box- One Year Support (CM2 Activation)     1-6 Hours
Infinity-Box/Dongle software activation for Infinity [BEST], Chinese Miracle-2 and 1 year support     INSTANT-30min
KING TOOLS Activation Service (License Activation     1-10MIN
MRT Dongle Huawei Flash Activation     1-5MIN
Nck box Yearly Activation 24/7 INSTANT     INSTANT-30MIN
Nck Dongle 1 Year Activation 24/7     INSTANT
Octoplus FRP Tool Activation     1-5MIN
Octopus / Medusa Box Samsung Activation     1-6hour
Octopus Box / Medusa LG Activation -     1-12hours
Octopus Box Unlimited Sony Ericsson Activation 40 Credits[New 400 Credits]     1-12 Hours
Ultimate NCK Huawei Activation ( Unlimited )     1-6hour
UMT 1 Year Activation - Instant     INSTANT
Uni Android Tool (UAT) - Renewal 1 Year     1-5MIN
Uni-Android Tool - 1 Year Activation     1-6hour
Volcano Merapi Pack1 Activation Required 59 credits     1-6hours
ZXW Dongle 1 Year Access Renew     instant-8HOUR
ZXW Online Account Activation (1 Year) - Auto     INSTANT 24/7
zZKey SmartZ PRO Activation     1-6HOUR

Service     Delivery Time
Universal Box Credits (1000)     1-6hour
Universal Box Credits (500)     1-6hour

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