Delivery Time: 1-6Hour

– For the Alcatel OT-768T :

768T-TBUS1 –> XZC3UMB2
768T-IUUS1 –> XZC5UWB2
768T-ALUS1 –> XZC5YGB6
768T-ALUS0 –> XZC5ZZA0
768T-RCUS1 –> XZC5UGB1
768T-CJUS1 –> XZC5UQB1
768T-ALUS0 –> XZC5ZZ20
768T-E4US1 –> XZC7UP56

Global availability on this tool during the last 3 months : 98.77 % all mode supported if code not work send us imei + Provider id + model in email : to fix your issue please type model this type - 7040N-2CE4US1 IF MODEL NOT FOUND USE ALCATEL INFO SERVICE SERVICE AUTO 24*7 Can find the Provider ID by taking the battery off your alcatel and looking on the UPC label on the back of the cellphone.If can not find the provider id,then type *#837 or *#3228#