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Roger / Fido Canada Nokia Lumia (Data Base - 2)

Roger / Fido Canada Nokia Lumia (Data Base - 2)

Delivery Time: 1-3days


If the Unlock Code provded is asking saying error,
please continue to enter the unlock code provided until the phone asks for the "PUK" code.
Please don't worry about the attempts, once you have diminished all your tries,
the phone will ask for the PUK code. This is where you enter the Unlock Code.

Lumia Factory Codes Refund Policy

There is No verify Option For This Service.

Incase Provided Unlock Code Fails to Work There is No Refund of Credits.

We dont not accept any kind of video proof or Review for this Service.

The Code is Generated From Factory Database and are 100% working Unlock codes.

The Only Reason code wil fail to work will be either carrier has changed the unlock code
or phone has firmware related issues

If u get a code from database and it did not work,there is no refunds




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