111# Samsung Sprint US S9 & S9+ Only Unlock by Cable

111# Samsung Sprint US S9 & S9+ Only Unlock by Cable

Delivery Time: 1-60min monday to friday

Direct Instant Unlock all Samsung S9, S9 Plus Sprint and Verizon

Delivery Time: Instant 1-15 minutes

Only supported S9, S9 Sprint USA Clean IMEI. NOT SUPPORT BLACKLIST IMEI !!!

This is an exclusive service, found here only!

This service is one of a kind! at this time, no one in the world has this capability!

Process to complete your device - Qualcomm G960U G965U


* Purchase service on site, after purchase:

- Come to Live chat to begin technician will give instructions 


- Insert any Sim card to phone, dial ##3424#


- Select DM+MODEM+ADB  > Click the Ok

- Plug usb cable connect phone with PC

- Unlocking process will take 15 mins, just wait !


This Unlock is permanent. your Unlock will remain after factory resets and software updates!

Sprint devices will not work back on Sprint, Verizon devices will not work back on Verizon. Gsm only, i.e. T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, etc,...

This service just Unlock Sim, not is repair IMEI or remove blacklist IMEI. If your phone IMEI is backlist please use repair IMEI service to get new IMEI and remove blacklist !

*** Your device can not have tripped Knox*** Knox counter must be 0x000
If knox is tripped we can not help repair the IMEI of your device currently no solution by our team

To find out if your device has tripped knox please do the following steps below

Turn phone off
While it is off, hold volume down, home, and power at the same time
Then volume up to continue. you will see a screen that looks like this

There isnt any coupons for this service or discounts, this is for serious inquires only

*** You will need the following requirements please read

- Windows PC (mac or tablet will not work)

- Data cable to connect phone to pc

- Must be on the stock factory software/ firmware on phone unless we instruct otherwise

- When dial *#06# on phone an IMEI must be displayed and not say null show blank or /00

- Make sure your Google / Reactivation lock is turned off in phone, this can be done by going to accounts in settings and signing out

- Stable internet is mandatory for successful service of the device

- No hot spot device (portable wi-fi)

- Must have speeds of 10MB down, 2MB upload speed

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