: Request to all our customers when give us imei for cancel request please don't send to others until you get rejected from expressunlocker.net .Otherwise we will not take any responsibility for any loss . BE Professional ,

Canada Bell IPhone All Model Supported (Semi Premium) Source B

Canada Bell IPhone All Model Supported (Semi Premium) Source B

Delivery Time: 1-7DAY

Matters needing attention:


1. No refund for wrong operator, wrong IMEI, lockless IMEI, wrong model, repeated submission, etc .;


2. After unlocking, because the ID activation lock is turned on and the account password is forgotten, the device cannot be activated and there is no refund;


3. In order to prevent the delay of order issuing time, please check with the operator or GSX before submission;


4. Once an order is submitted, it cannot be cancelled even if it is delayed due to factors such as order backlog, service maintenance, service upgrade, holidays and weekends, unless the supplier agrees


5. Submitting the order means that you have read the above content.

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